55th ½ Street

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55th ½ Street
Neighborhood Stanton Heights
Origin of name Location between 55th Street and 56th Street

55th ½ Street (or, strictly, "Fifty-five and a Half street") was opened by a city ordinance in 1947.[1]

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  1. "An ordinance opening Fifty-five and a Half street from Camelia street to Celadine street and providing that the costs, damages, and expenses occasioned thereby be assessed against and collected from properties benefited thereby." Pittsburgh city ordinance, 1947, no. 326. Passed Aug. 4, 1947; approved Aug. 8, 1947. Ordinance Book 55, p. 17. In Municipal Record: Minutes of the proceedings of the Council of the City of Pittsburgh: For the year 1947, appendix, pp. 297–298, City Printing Company, Pittsburgh (Internet Archive Pghmunicipalrecord1947). [view source]ordinance-1947-326