South 30th Street

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South 30th Street
Neighborhood South Side Slopes
Origin of name Sequential numbering up the Monongahela River
First Street (1866 – ca. 1871)
30th Street (ca. 1871 – 1881)
Origin of name Sequential numbering up the Monongahela River

This street was originally named First Street when it was laid out by Thomas McClurg in 1866.[1][2]

It was renamed 30th Street by 1871 when the borough of Ormsby was laid out,[3][4][5] following the sequence established in the borough of Birmingham in 1869[6] and in East Birmingham about the same time.[7] The "South" prefix was added by a Pittsburgh city ordinance in 1881;[8] see South First Street for more details.

The segment of South 30th Street that crossed the railroad tracks was closed in 1950, significantly isolating the small community of South Side Hollow. It was reopened in 1998 as Steve Seventy Way (today Steve Seventy Street).[9]

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