South 21st Street

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South 21st Street
Neighborhoods South Side Flats, South Side Slopes
Origin of name Sequential numbering up the Monongahela River
Ormsby Street
Origin of name Family of John Ormsby
Rail Road Street (until ca. 1870)
Origin of name Coal railroad built down the center of the street
21st Street (ca. 1870 – 1881)
Origin of name Sequential numbering up the Monongahela River

Ken McFarland says that South 21st Street was formerly named Ormsby Street, after the family of John Ormsby (1720–1805), who once owned most of the land that is now the South Side.[1] Today Ormsby Street is a different street, in Mount Oliver and St. Clair; see that entry for more about the Ormsbys.

By 1852, the street was called Rail Road Street, named for a railroad that went down the middle of the street.[2][3] This was a coal railroad for the Ormsby mine, built in 1838.[4]

The street was renamed 21st Street by 1871.[5] The Birmingham borough council had numbered their streets from Sixth to Seventeenth in 1869,[6] and although this action did not directly apply to the streets in East Birmingham, they were apparently numbered about the same time. The "South" prefix was added by a Pittsburgh city ordinance in 1881;[7] see South First Street for more details.

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