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Pittsburgh Streets is a project to discover the history of the streets of Pittsburgh and the origins of their names. It is fascinating how much of the city's history can be found behind the names of its streets.

I started this project in 2017 and first published it online in 2020.


All current and historical streets, avenues, ways, boulevards, and other thoroughfares within the modern-day limits of the City of Pittsburgh are in scope. Named public walkways, such as steps, are also in scope. (This is a lot, but this is a long-term project.)

Current streets are listed under their present name, even if they previously had other names. Streets that no longer exist are listed under their final names.


Pittsburgh has 90 officially recognized neighborhoods, all with official boundaries. The Department of City Planning provides an online neighborhood map showing the official definitions. This project uses the official neighborhood boundaries, even in cases where they do not align with common usage.

A street that lies along the boundary between two neighborhoods is counted as part of both.