53rd Street

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See also 52nd Street, which was originally opened as 53rd Street.
53rd Street
Neighborhood Upper Lawrenceville
Origin of name Sequential numbering up the Allegheny River

The numbering of Pittsburgh's streets up the Allegheny River was done in 1868; these numbers extended as far as 50th Street.[1] Today's 51st Street also existed at the time, as Cochran Street,[2] but was apparently not given a number in 1868.

As additional streets were laid out in Upper Lawrenceville, there seems to have been some uncertainty about how they should be fit into the numbering scheme.

A city ordinance in 1871 opened "53d street, from Butler street to the Allegheny River,"[3] but this was the street that became modern 52nd Street (see 52nd Street for details).

In 1873 another ordinance was passed to establish the location of 53rd Street: "Starting at a point of intersection of north side of Butler street and line of McCandless avenue, deflecting to right 10 deg. 8 min., running thence to Allegheny river, a width of sixty (60) feet."[4] This description matches the part of McCandless Avenue north of Butler. Afterward it was apparently decided that this should just be part of McCandless Avenue, not a separately numbered street.

Eventually, by 1881, the ordinal 53rd had been applied to the street "from Butler street to Celandine [sic] street" that bears that number today.[5]


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