Mutual Street

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Mutual Street
Neighborhood Sheraden
Golden Street (1869–1880)
6½ Street (1880 – ca. 1900)
Origin of name Numbering of streets in the borough of Sheraden
Patterson Street (ca. 1890 – ca. 1900)
Origin of name Perhaps Andrew Patterson
Madison Street (ca. 1900 – 1908)
Walnut Street (ca. 1900 – 1908)

This street was originally Golden Street, laid out in 1869 for N. P. Sawyer as part of the borough of Ashchenaz.[1] This was the "G" street in an alphabetical sequence of street names in Sawyer's plan that went from A to P (see Tybee Street).

In 1880 Ashchenaz was re-subdivided by Andrew Patterson and renamed Sheridan (later spelled Sheraden). In this new plan, the former Golden Street became 6½ Street, because it lay between Sixth Street (today Sutherland Street) and Seventh Street (today Adon Street) on the other side of Chartiers Avenue.[2][3] See Faust Street for more about Sheraden's formerly numbered streets. By 1905, 6½ Street had been renamed Madison Street.[4]

South of Kelvin Street, Mutual Street was originally named Patterson Street,[5] perhaps for Andrew Patterson (though this part of the street was outside the bounds of his original plan of Sheraden). Across Middletown Road from Patterson Street was a street named Walnut Street,[5] and by 1905 Patterson Street had been renamed Walnut Street to match that street.[4]

The borough of Sheraden was annexed to the city of Pittsburgh in 1907.[6][7] The next year most of its streets were renamed, and both Madison Street and Walnut Street became Mutual Street.[8]

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