Glenbury Street

From Pittsburgh Streets
Glenbury Street
Neighborhood Overbrook
Frederick Street (1872–1929)
Fairhaven Avenue (ca. 1890 – ca. 1920)
Origin of name Community of Fairhaven
Rohm Avenue (1929–1930)
Origin of name Bruce Rohm

A township road in the location of modern Glenbury Street appears in maps of Allegheny County from 1851 and 1862.[1][2]

In 1872, the Pittsburgh and Castle Shannon Railroad laid out a plan of lots called Fairhaven. One of the streets in the plan, Frederick Street, was laid out along part of the township road.[3][4]

The 1892 Fairhaven Place plan of I. H. Aaron labeled the road Fair Haven Avenue.[5] This name apparently applied to the part of the road north of Cole Alley (modern Kohen Street), while Frederick Street lay to the south.[6] The name was soon written as Fairhaven Avenue, without the space.[7]

The 1916 Hopkins atlas shows "Frederick (Fairhaven) Ave." in the north, with the two names splitting in the south: Fairhaven Avenue followed modern Glenbury Street, while Frederick Street was modern Seldon Street.[8]

Overbrook Borough was annexed by the city of Pittsburgh on January 6, 1930.[9] One of the last acts of the Overbrook Council, on December 19, 1929, was to rename 19 streets to honor local citizens (including many of the councilmen themselves); Frederick Street was changed to Rohm Avenue to honor Bruce Rohm, a councilman.[10][11][12] Many of these new street names did not last long, for a Pittsburgh city ordinance was passed a few months after the annexation, changing the names again; Rohm Avenue became Glenbury Street.[13]

The 1934 Hopkins atlas gives the full spectrum of names for this street: Glenbury, Fairhaven, Frederick, "Township Rd.," and Rohm (mispelled "Rhom").[14]


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