Notes:Glenbury Street

From Pittsburgh Streets

Source:Sidney-neff (1851) and Source:Beers (1862) show a road in the location of modern Glenbury Street. Beers shows "J. Glen" about halfway along this road—probably coincidental.

Source:Fairhaven-plan (1872): Fairhaven laid out for the Pittsburgh and Castle Shannon Railroad. This plan includes Frederick Street, incorporating a part of the old road.

Source:Hopkins-1876, p. 44, shows Fairhaven, but none of the streets are labeled.

Source:Hopkins-1886, plate 19, shows Frederick Street.

Source:Hopkins-1896, plates 3 and 4, shows Fair Haven Avenue and Frederick Street (and an unnamed road).

Source:Hopkins-1905, plate 10, shows Fairhaven Avenue, Frederick Street, and Township Road.

Source:Hopkins-1916-vol-6 (revised 1922 and 1928), plate 26, shows "Frederick (Fairhaven) Ave." in the north, with "Fairhaven Ave." splitting off to the south.

Overbrook Borough annexed January 6, 1930:

Source:Ordinance-1930-170 renamed Rohm Avenue, from "Saw Mill Run Blvd" to "Second Angle North of Thompson St" and from "First angle in Thompson St. North of John Way" to "Breining Ave.," to Glenbury Street.

Source:Hopkins-1934-vol-9 (revised 1940):

  • Plates 11 and 12 show "Glenbury (Fairhaven) St."
  • Plate 13 shows Glenbury Street with a bunch of names in parentheses: Fairhaven, Frederick, Township Rd., Rhom.

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Same Rohm?

  • 1929-12-27, "Overbrook council member resigns" ( 522910378): "Overbrook council last night received the resignation of Councilman L. B. Rohm, who leaves today for Youngstown, O., where he will make his home."
  • 1929-12-27, "Council meets in Overbrook" ( 89866456): "Councilman Rohm, who has served during the last six years, announced that a change in address necessitated the tendering of his resignation. He said that he would leave for Youngstown, O., today."