F–S–T sequences

From Pittsburgh Streets

A very sharp eye might notice that Pittsburgh has several sets of usually parallel streets beginning with letters in the sequence F, S, T, F, F, S, S, E, N, T, . . . (occasionally obscured by having a few different letters). These sequences often arise from their origins as numbered streets. The city of Pittsburgh grew by absorbing other towns and villages, and it was common that these towns had a sequence of streets named First, Second, Third, and so forth. After these areas were annexed into the city, the names of the streets were changed to avoid duplication with Pittsburgh's numbered street sequence up the Allegheny River. But usually the first letter of the street name was preserved, which led to the modern F–S–T sequences.

East Allegheny

Original name Changed to
First Street Foreland Street
Second Street Suismon Street
Third Street Tripoli Street


Original name Changed to
First Street Fernwood Street (now Stanhope Street)
Second Street Sagamore Street
Third Street Tabor Street
Fourth Street Florien Street
Fifth Street Frustum Street
Sixth Street Saginaw Street
Seventh Street Sanford Street
Eighth Street Earl Street
Ninth Street Navarre Street
Tenth Street Telford Street
Eleventh Street Edgecliffe Street


Original name Changed to
First Street Faust Street
Second Street Swatsworth Street (now Stanhope Street)
Third Street Tweed Street
Fourth Street Faulkner Street
Fifth Street Fairdale Street
Sixth Street Sutherland Street
Seventh Street [Aschenez Street (now Adon Street)]
Eighth Street Emporia Street
Ninth Street Newcomer Street
Tenth Street Turbett Street (now Tybee Street)
Eleventh Street Eliska Street
Twelfth Street Tuxedo Street
Thirteenth Street Thayer Street
Fourteenth Street Fadette Street
Fifteenth Street Faronia Street
Sixteenth Street [Middletown Road]
Original name Changed to
First Avenue Fusion Street
Second Avenue Swentzell Street (now part of Berry Street)
Third Avenue Toledo Street
Fourth Avenue Frontenac Street