Stranahan Street

From Pittsburgh Streets
Stranahan Street
Neighborhoods Homewood North, Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar
Spencer Street (until 1906)
Origin of name Joseph Spencer
Sprague Street (1906–1925)
Origin of name Probably Peter or William P. Sprague

Stranahan Street was originally part of Spencer Street, which also included the portion of modern Apple Street east of Lincoln Avenue.[1][2] This street was named for Joseph Spencer, who lived about the middle of the street (near the modern intersection of Apple and Stranahan Streets).[3][1][2]

The eastern part of Spencer Street was renamed Sprague Street in 1906.[4] It was probably named for Peter or William P. Sprague, who had lived on Lincoln Avenue northwest of this street in the last half of the nineteenth century.[5][6][3][1][2]

Sprague Street was renamed Stranahan Street in 1925.[7]


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