From Pittsburgh Streets

"An ordinance changing the names of certain avenues, streets and ways in the City of Pittsburgh." Pittsburgh city ordinance, 1925, no. 175. Passed Apr. 20, 1925; approved Apr. 22, 1925. Ordinance Book 36, p. 299. Reprinted in the Pittsburgh Post, Apr. 27, 1925, p. 15 ( 88691643), and Apr. 28, [p. 21] ( 88691689).

No. 175

AN ORDINANCE—Changing the names of certain avenues, streets and ways in the City of Pittsburgh.

Section 1. Be it ordained and enacted by the City of Pittsburgh, in Council assembled, and it is hereby ordained and enacted by the authority of the same, That the names of certain avenues, streets and ways in the City of Pittsburgh, shall be and the same are hereby changed as follows, to-wit:


Academy Lane, from Campus street, to Brighton road, changed to Acacia Lane, 27th Ward.

Agnes way, from Linton street, to Hoffers way, changed to Assaria way, 3rd Ward.

Aiken avenue, from Fifth avenue, to Centre avenue changed to So. Aiken avenue, 7th Ward.

Allison street, from Haverhill street, to City line, changed to Singer place, 13th Ward.

Alta way, from Plunkett street, to Prop. line, changed to Athlone way, 19th and 20th Ward.

Andred [sic] street, from Wind Gap avenue, to West Prospect street, changed to Arbordale street, 28th Ward.

Anneta street, from Paulson avenue to Helen street, changed to Navarro street, 12th Ward.

Ashford street, from Hecla street, to Prop. line, changed to Atoka street, 25th Ward.

Ashland street, from Oakdale street, to Dornestic street, changed to Arendell street, 26th Ward.

Aurora street, from Second avenue, to Pocono street, changed to Arline street, 14th Ward.

Austin way, from So. Rebecca street, to So. Graham street, changed to Cruger way, 8th Ward.

Babylon way, from Hollydale way, to Fernwood street, changed to Sloan way, 20th Ward.

Bader way, from Semicir street, to Prop line, changed to Baron way, 26th Ward.

Baldauf street, from Prop. line, to Prop. line, changed to Bonifay street, 16th Ward.

Baretto street, from Northumberland street, to Woodlawn avenue, changed to Frew avenue, 14th Ward.

Barnes avenue, from Hazelton street, to Prop. line, changed to Bark street, 26th Ward.

Berkley street, from Edington street, to Graphic street, changed to Blackstone street, 15th Ward.

Bernard street, from William street, to Etta street, changed to Bigbee street, 18th Ward.

Beula street, from Summer street, to Eleanor street, changed to Burham street, 16th Ward.

Birch way, from (Amesbury street—(Chalfont street, to Michigan street—Lehr way, changed to Banning way, 18th Ward.

Birmingham street, from So. 12th street, to Warrington avenue east, changed to Brosville street, 17th and 18th Ward.

Boyson street, from Perrysville avenue, to City line, changed to Bluebelle street, 26th Ward.

Bradford avenue, from Magnet street, to Burgess street, changed to Brule street, 26th Ward.

Browns street, from Allegheny avenue, to Sproat way, changed to Boyce street, 21st Ward.

Burns way, from Humboldt street, to Side way, changed to Barlow way, 2nd and 6th Ward.

Cadman street, from Haslett street, to Prop. line, changed to Maguire street, 26th Ward.

Calhoun street, from Mohler street, to Snowden street, changed to Calway street, 13th Ward.

Campbell way, from Jackson street, north, to Armandale street, changed to Cameo way, 25th Ward.

Caroline street, from Galveston avenue, to Babit way, changed to Tobin street, 22nd Ward.

Church way, from Bon Vue street, to Green Tree avenue, changed to Capus way, 26th Ward.

Circle way, from Zenith way, to North Dunfermline street, changed to Cinibar way, 13th Ward.

Clairton street, from Steuben street, to Stratmore street, changed to Clairtonica street, 28th Ward.

Clermont avenue, from Hartranft street, to Elmbank street, changed to Crysler street, 19th Ward.

Coal street, from Williams street, to Prop. line, changed to Cola street, 18th Ward.

Creighton way, from Sampson street, to Jefferson street, changed to Charlick way, 25th Ward.

Cresson street and way, from Bailey avenue, to Eureka street, changed to Cushman street and way, 18th Ward.

David avenue, from Brunot avenue, to Narrow way, changed to Daykin street, 20th Ward.

Dinsmore avenue, from Crotzer avenue, to Noblestown road, changed to Crafton boulevard, 28th Ward.

Duncan way, from So. 12th street, to So. 13th street, changed to Ducat way, 17th Ward.

Dunlevy street, from Gettysburg street to So. Linden avenue, changed to Dulaney street, 14th Ward.

Ebdy way, from Sabina street, to Prop line, changed to Elyria way, 15th Ward.

Edison street, from Preble avenue, to Ohio river, changed to Edgerley street, 27th Ward.

Elmwood street, from Nolo way, to Adelphia street, changed to Edisto street, 10th Ward.

Elsi [sic] way, from Glenwood avenue, to Mansion street, changed to Trowbridge way, 15th Ward.

Ester way, from Furley street to Uvilla street, changed to Emmons way, 20th Ward.

Florence street, from Lappe Lane, to Rhine street, changed to Frontier street, 24th Ward.

Florida street from Wortman street, to California avenue, changed to Fairlee street, 27th Ward.

Forest Hill Road, from Norwood avenue, to Prop. line, changed to Oak Park road, 26th Ward.

Fort way, from Lydia street, to Winterburn street, changed to Forbush way, 15th Ward.

Frankfort street, from Chartiers avenue, to Nathan way, changed to Oltman street, 20th Ward.

Franklin street, from Allegheny avenue, to Ohio river, changed to North Franklin street, 21st Ward.

Front way, from Earl street, to Frustum street, changed to Field way, 20th Ward.

Fulton road, from East street, to City line, changed to Mt. Pleasant road, 26th Ward.

Furnace way, from Frazier street, to Ethel street, changed to Fowlkes way, 4th Ward.

Gang street and way, from Rialto street, changed to Tours street and way, 24th Ward.

Gardner street, from Troy Hill road, to Harpster street, changed to Troy Hill road, 24th Ward.

Girard avenue, from Lecky avenue, to McClure avenue, changed to Gurnee street, 27th Ward.

Glendale street, from Menlo street, to Groom way, changed to Gandy street, 26th Ward.

Grandin street, from Oakwood road, to Glendon street, changed to Grasmere street, 28th Ward.

Green Tree avenue, from Perrysville avenue, to Evergreen Plank road, changed to Baytree street, 26th Ward.

Heigle street, from City line, to City line, changed to McNeilly avenue, 19th Ward.

Hillsdale street, from Oakford way, to Oakdene avenue, changed to Hilliards street, 12th Ward.

Hughes way, from Ferry lane, to property line, changed to Hoople way, 27th Ward.

Huntington street, from Campania avenue, to Ebel street, changed to Harjo street, 12th Ward.

Ingram street and way, from Craighead street, to Alleppo [sic] way, changed to Iberia street and way, 18th Ward.

Jackson street north, from Federal street, to P. Ft. W. & C. Ry., changed to Jacksonia street, 25th Ward.

Jefferson street, from Alpena street, to Milwaukee street, changed to Finland street, 5th Ward.

Key way, from Dike street, to Herbert way, changed to Groga way, 15th Ward.

Kilbuck street, from Tesla street, to Giddings street, changed to Kinglake street, 15th Ward.

Kipling street, from Brett street, to Milnor way, changed to Kinmount street, 28th Ward.

Kirkland street, from Willard street, to Homewood Cemetery, changed to Kirtland street, 14th Ward.

Klein avenue, from Edwin street, to Unnamed way, changed to Karwich avenue, 27th Ward.

Layton way, from Escolta street, to Andrew street, changed to Kleefield way, 28th Ward.

Lebanon street, from Sterling street, to Prop. line, changed to Leticoe street, 16th Ward.

Ley street, from Lowrie street, to Rialto street, changed to Troy Hill road, 24th Ward.

Lippert street, from Nevada street, to Prop. line, changed to Le Blane [sic] street, 14th Ward.

Long way, from Eden way, to Valley street, changed to Locarna way, 9th Ward.

Lowrie street, from Gardner street, to Unnamed way, changed to Buchanan street, 24th Ward.

Lowrie street, from Gardner street, to Ley street, changed to Troy Hill road, 24th Ward.

Lula way, from So. 21st street, to Olcott street, changed to Loney way, 16th Ward.

Manchester way, from Kearns road, to Independence street, changed to Mayburg way, 19th Ward.

Martin way, from Beaumont street, to Balfour street, changed to Mardo way, 20th Ward.

Mason street, from Belonda street, to Woodruff street, changed to Mann street, 19th Ward.

Mathias way, from Dorset way, to property line, changed to Midangle way, 20th Ward.

Mathews way, from North Euclid avenue, to Reyner way, changed to Mattie way, 11th Ward.

Mattern street, from Halsey place, to Marshall avenue, changed to Mannheim street, 27th Ward.

May way, from Leaton way, to Prop. line, changed to Millstone way, 19th Ward.

Means way, from Kenton way, to Divinity way, changed to Mazon way, 25th Ward.

Michael street, from East street, to Kalson way, changed to Micano street, 26th Ward.

Middleton street, from Kennebec street, to Windsor street, changed to Mirror street, 15th Ward.

Mifflin street, from Denny street, to Fisk street, changed to Mintwood street, 6th and 9th Ward.

Mildred way, from Callowhill street, to Bryant street, changed to Millbrae way, 11th Ward.

Miles way, from Varley street, to Fall way, changed to Mandlin way, 26th Ward.

Mill street, from Neptune street, to Steuben street, changed to Sanctus street, 20th Ward.

Milligan street and way, from Lelia street, to Prop. line, changed to Mindora street and way, 19th Ward.

Morrow street, from St. Marie street, to property line, changed to Moga street, 11th Ward.

Morton way, from Hetzel street, to Miles way, changed to Moriah way, 26th Ward.

Mount Airy road, from Norwood avenue, to Norwood avenue, changed to Mt. Allister road, 26th Ward.

McConnell avenue, from Pioneer avenue, to City line, changed to McNeilly avenue, 19th Ward.

McKee street and way, from Fahnestock street, to Grace street, changed to Mooseheart street and way, 13th Ward.

McNeil way, from Kerr street, to Wallbridge street, changed to McDade way, 20th Ward.

Narrow way, from Strickler street, to Joslyn street, changed to Napton way, 20th Ward.

North Rebecca street, from Penn avenue, to Stanton avenue, changed to North Aiken avenue, 10 and 11th Ward.

Oak way, from Allegheny avenue, to Irwin avenue, changed to Offley way, 22nd Ward.

Oakview street, from Springhill street, to property line, changed to Odanah street, 26th Ward.

O'Brien street, from 38th street, to 39th street, changed to Obregon street, 6th Ward.

Ophir street, from Watson entrance, to Prop line, changed to Norwood avenue, 26th Ward.

Orchard street, from North avenue, to Knoll street, changed to Ocala street, 23rd Ward.

Orlanda way, from Kentucky avenue, to Walnut street, changed to Osterburg way, 7th Ward.

Ormond street, from Merrick avenue, to Doric way, changed to Osakis street, 19th Ward.

Ormsby street, from Oporto street, to So. 18th street, changed to Gregory street, 17th Ward.

Owens way, from Apple street, to Bower street, changed to Owasso way, 12th Ward.

Oxford street, from Larimer avenue, to Album street, changed to Oldsmar street, 12th Ward.

Palmer way, from Chislett street, to Antietam street, changed to Balmyra [sic] street, 10th Ward.

Park way, from Carfel way, to Lelia street, changed to Pantego way, 19th Ward.

Parker avenue, from Suffolk street, to Elmira street, changed to Peekskill street, 25th and 26th Ward.

Pilgrim street, from Prosser way, to Oltman street, changed to Presbury street, 20th Ward.

Pine way, from Kaufman way, to Shakespeare street, changed to Pentz way, 7th Ward.

Plum street, from Lappe Lane, to East Lane, changed to Pentress street, 26th Ward.

Pollard way, from Navajo way, to Ramona street, changed to Ironside way, 20th Ward.

Poplar way, from Hickory way, to Fullerton street, changed to Gilmore way, 2nd and 3rd Ward.

Powers road, from West Liberty avenue, to Texdale street, changed to Peola road, 19th Ward.

Princeton place, from Everett street, to Broad street, changed to Prince street, 11th Ward.

Promenade street, from Emahlia street, to Prop. line, changed to Poland street, 15th Ward.

Ralston street, from Lemington avenue, to Joshua street, changed to Wardsons street, 12th Ward.

Ralston way, from Olivant street, to Prop. line, changed to Wardsons way, 12th Ward.

Ramsey street, from Ashtola way, to Thayer street, changed to Ramsden street, 20th Ward.

Reserve street, from Shadeland avenue, to Stayton street, changed to Rancheria street, 27th Ward.

Rialto street, from Ley street, to Wickline lane, changed to Troy Hill road, 24th Ward.

Rochelle street, from Glen Mawr avenue, to Prop. line, changed to Rockyhill street, 20th Ward.

Rosemary street, from So. Braddock avenue, to Prop. line, changed to Rosemary road, 14th Ward.

Russet way, from Minnesota street, to Prop line, changed to Exposition way, 15th Ward.

Sample way, from Arch street, to West Diamond street, changed to Sansell way, 22nd Ward.

Sampson street and way, from Federal street, to Irwin avenue, changed to Sampsonia street and way, 22nd and 25th Ward.

Savannah street, from Springfield street, to Camden street, changed to Salerma street, 20th Ward.

Sedan street, from Snyder street, to Charles street, north, changed to Bizet street, 26th Ward.

Shade way, from So. 21st street, to Greley [sic] street, changed to Seawall way, 16th Ward.

Silver way, from Denver street, to Bryon [sic] street, changed to Gomez way, 5th Ward.

Singer street, from McKee street, to Tokio street, changed to Seagirt street, 13th Ward.

South avenue, from Cremo street, to Ohio river, changed to Shore avenue, 21st and 22nd Ward.

So. Rebecca street, from Penn avenue to Centre avenue, changed to So. Aiken avenue, 8th Ward.

Sprague street, from Spencer street, to Brushton avenue, changed to Stranahan street, 12th and 13th Ward.

Springer way, from Aylesboro avenue, to Kay way, changed to Keith way, 14th Ward.

Star way, from Labelle street—Kearsage [sic], to Bingham street—Shiloh street, changed to Beam way, 19th Ward.

Talbot street, from Steuben street, to Elliott street, changed to Dumas street, 20th WArd.

Textor street, from Edwin street, to Unnamed way, changed to Tulia street, 27th Ward.

Trenton street, from Second avenue, to Glenwood avenue, changed to Tipton street, 15th Ward.

Turbett street, from Kelvin street, to Allendale street, changed to Tybee street, 20th Ward.

Union way, from Sycamore street, to Vinecliff street, changed to Uxbridge way, 19th Ward.

Valley street, from 40th street—43rd street—49th street, to Almond way—45th street—50th street, changed to Vanhorn street, 9th Ward.

Wallace street, from Breckenridge street, to Prop. line, changed to Whitridge street, 4th and 5th Ward.

Watson entrance, from Perrysville avenue, to Ophir street, changed to Watson boulevard, 26th Ward.

Wayne street, from Brereton street, to Harmer street, changed to Wiggins street, 6th Ward.

Winter street, from Denver street, to Gomez street, changed to Wassatch street, 5th Ward.

Woodlawn avenue, from Forbes street to Second angle west of Forbes street, changed to Margaret Morrison street, 14th Ward.

Woodlawn avenue, from Second angle west of Forbes street, to Barretto street, changed to Tech street, 14th Ward.

Woodlawn avenue, from Barretto Street, to West to Prop. line, changed to Frew avenue, 14th Ward.

Wyatt way, from Stafford street, to Glasgow street, changed to Krewson way, 20th Ward.

Young way, from East Park way, to Hemp way, changed to Yantley way, 22nd Ward.

Zara way, from Bernd street—Arcadia way, to Prop. line—Estella avenue, changed to Zelda way, 18th Ward.

Section 2. That any Ordinance or part of Ordinance, conflicting with the provisions of this Ordinance, be and the same is hereby repealed, so far as the same affects this Ordinance.

Passed April 20th, 1925.

Approved April 22, 1925.

Ordinance Book 36, Page 299.