Stockton Avenue

From Pittsburgh Streets
Stockton Avenue
Neighborhoods Allegheny Center, East Allegheny
Origin of name Joseph Stockton

Stockton Avenue is named for Joseph Stockton, an early principal at the Pittsburgh Academy, which is now the University of Pittsburgh. He also organized the First Presbyterian Church in Allegheny.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

The area through which Stockton Avenue runs was originally the South Common, part of the open pasture that surrounded the original town of Allegheny. The South Common was the narrowest part of the commons.[8][9][10][11] By 1864 two streets had been established through the South Common: Stockton Avenue on the north side and Church Avenue on the south.[12][13][14]

Stockton Avenue was split into "Stockton Avenue, East," and "Stockton Avenue, West," divided by Federal Street, in 1899 when all the houses in Allegheny were renumbered systematically.[15][16]

Most of Stockton Avenue became South Commons in 1967 when the "Allegheny Center Loop" was opened (consisting of North Commons, West Commons, South Commons, and East Commons).[6][17][18][19]


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