Service Way

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Service Way
Neighborhood Central Lawrenceville
School Alley (1871–1914)
School Way (1914–1990)

This alley was originally called School Alley. It was opened by a city ordinance in 1871.[1] The name was re-established by a city ordinance in 1881,[2] and it is labeled as such in the 1882 Hopkins atlas.[3]

In 1914, it became School Way when a city ordinance changed all alleys to ways.[4]

In 1922, a bill was presented in City Council to rename several streets. It originally included the line, "School way, from Sessna [sic] way to Sherrod street, Ninth ward, be changed to Service way," but the bill was amended to delete that line,[5] and the ordinance as passed did not mention School Way.[6]

Nevertheless, the name Service Way came into common use for the alley. For example, a 1932 "Mr. Fixit" column in the Pittsburgh Press announced the installation of warning signs in Service Way.[7]

In 1989, James Wudarczyk wrote a letter to the editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette asking when the city had changed the name of Service Way to School Way.[8] This seems to have been prompted by a $1.8 million program by the Department of Public Works to install blue-and-white street signs at each of the city's 12,000 intersections, which spurred other complaints from citizens living on streets whose official name did not match the name in everyday use.[9] In response to a petition from residents, the name was officially changed to Service Way by a City Council resolution in 1990.[10]

The online map from the Department of City Planning labels this alley "Schoolway."[11]


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