From Pittsburgh Streets

James Wudarczyk. "Changing streets." Letters to the Editor. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Aug. 29, 1989, p. 8. 89720818.

Changing streets

The arbitrary decision by the city to pave 40th Street with asphalt showed no consideration for the historical relevance of the area.

Formerly known as Covington Street, the present 40th Street borders the remains of the historic Allegheny Arsenal, which was one of the most important military facilities of the Civil War. The Belgian block streets blended nicely with the old walls that surround Arsenal Park. These streets were designed in such a manner that with proper attention and periodic straightening they would last forever.

Another advantage of the Belgian block is that it is a deterrent to speeding motorists.

It is apparent that the mayor and City Council have ample funds to beautify Downtown with brick streets, while leaving the pothole-ridden asphalt streets for the neighborhoods.

While on the subject of arbitrary decisions, I would like to know when the city decided to change the name of Service Way, which runs between 44th and 45th streets, to School Way.