Railroad Street

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For other streets that have been named Railroad Street, see Railroad Street (disambiguation).
Railroad Street
Neighborhood Strip District
Origin of name Allegheny Valley Railroad
Butler Street (until 1868)

This street appears in the 1852 map of R. E. McGowin as Butler Street, running from Pine Street (today 18th Street) to Boundary Street (today 33rd Street).[1] It is almost exactly in line with Butler Street in Lawrenceville at 39th Street, so perhaps it was once envisioned that Butler Street would be rerouted between 33rd and 39th Streets to connect the two segments. Or perhaps it was named independently.

In 1868, in order to distinguish Butler Street in the Strip District from Butler Street in Lawrenceville, the Strip District street was renamed Railroad Street.[2] The name comes from the Allegheny Valley Railroad, which originally ran down the middle of the street[3] and today runs just to the south.

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