Purdue Street

From Pittsburgh Streets
Purdue Street
Neighborhood Brighton Heights
Origin of name Purdue University
Campus Street (until 1934)
Origin of name Academic theme for the Brighton Heights Plan

Purdue Street was part of Campus Street until 1934.[1] It is named for Purdue University, which fits the academic theme for the Brighton Heights Plan on both sides of Davis Avenue.[2] All of the streets in this plan that were not extensions of existing streets were given academic names: Academy Lane (today Acacia Lane), Amherst Avenue, Bryn Mawr Avenue (today Diploma Street), College Avenue (today Campus Street and Purdue Street), Cornell Avenue (today Cornell Street), Harvard Circle, Princeton Road (today Pemberton Street), Rugby Alley (today Aquatic Way), Stanford Road, Vassar Lane (today Lois Way), Wellesley Avenue (today Wickshire Street), and West Point Avenue.[3]


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