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Joan Way
Neighborhood Polish Hill
Japan Alley (until 1914)
Japan Way (1914–1942)

Japan Alley was a short alley immediately south of the S-shaped bend in Herron Avenue, joining the eastern end of the bend to a section of Harding Street that is now a set of steps.[1] It first appeared in Diffenbacher's city directory in 1882.[2] It appeared in the Hopkins atlas the same year, though without a name;[3] the 1889 atlas was the first map to include the name Japan Alley.[4] It became Japan Way in 1914 when an ordinance changed all alleys in the city to ways.[5]

The alley was renamed Joan Way in February 1942 amid anti-Japanese sentiment (by the same ordinance that renamed Tokio Street to Tokay Street). The original proposal was to rename it Panjap Way or Pan Jap Way,[6][7][8] a slur produced by swapping the order of the syllables, but the name that passed in the city council was Joan Way.[9][10][11]

This little episode seems to have been the alley's only moment of notability. The city council became aware of its existence only when it was pointed out by the Post Office.[8] Charles F. Danver described it succinctly in January 1942: "No houses. In fact, most difficult to find."[12] Afterward, the alley immediately sank back into obscurity. It does not appear, under any of its names, in the 1947 Bloom's Street Guide.[13] Today it is nothing more than an overgrown hillside with a line of utility poles.

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