Elmer Street

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Elmer Street
Neighborhood Shadyside
Origin of name Probably for Elmer, the estate of David Aiken, Jr., possibly named for Elmer E. Ellsworth

Elmer Street appears in the 1872 Hopkins atlas, extending west all the way to Neville Street.[1]

An 1862 map of Allegheny County applies the label "Elmer" to the estate of David Aiken, Jr., which was located where Amberson Place is today.[2] The 1872 Hopkins atlas shows that this estate was just south of Elmer Street,[1] so it is likely that this is the direct source of the street name.

According to Annie Clark Miller, both Elmer Street and Ellsworth Avenue were named in honor of Elmer E. Ellsworth (1837–1861), the first Union officer killed in the Civil War.[3] Laura C. Frey repeats Miller's claim.[4]


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