Notes:Elmer Street

From Pittsburgh Streets

Source:Beers shows an estate named "Elmer", probably that of David Aiken, Jr. It might be that of "E. Lawten," but there seems to be a small curved line from that name to a house on modern Fifth Avenue.

Source:Miller-chronicles, p. 110: "In 1854 a survey was made of the Castleman–Aiken property, and it was divided among the heirs. The surveyor was Col. William Amberson. When names were needed for the new streets, Mrs. David Aiken, Jr., suggested one street be named 'Amberson' in honor of the surveyor; one 'Ellsworth' and one 'Elmer' for Ephraim Elmer [sic] Ellsworth, the conspicuous young Northern leader who lost his life in an effort to lower the secession flag at Alexandria, Virginia—and was publicly regarded as a martyr."