East Liberty Boulevard

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Not to be confused with Liberty Avenue or West Liberty Avenue.
East Liberty Boulevard
Neighborhoods East Liberty, Larimer
Origin of name Neighborhood of East Liberty
Margaret Avenue (1852 – ca. 1870)
Margaretta Street (ca. 1870 – 1969)
Hoeveler Street (ca. 1870 – 1969)
Origin of name Clemence Hoeveler
Hamilton Avenue (until 1969)
Origin of name Probably Alexander Hamilton

The 1862 map of S. N. and F. W. Beers, in the East Liberty inset, shows two streets in the location of modern East Liberty Boulevard. The street west of Highland Avenue is named Margaret Avenue,[1] which had been laid out by William O. Leslie in 1852.[2] The street to the east of Highland Avenue is unlabeled.

By 1872 Margaret Avenue had been renamed Margaretta Street, and the street to the east of Highland Avenue had been named Hoeveler Street.[3]

Hoeveler Street was named for Clemence (or Clement) Hoeveler, who lived on Highland Avenue just north of the street.[4][5][1][6] Hoeveler was born in Germany before 1820 and came to the United States with his mother and siblings in 1837.[7][8][9][10][11][6] He and his brothers William and Augustus went into the grocery business,[7][8][10][11][6] running three stores: one on the Greensburg Pike (today Penn Avenue at 14th Street), one on Wylie Avenue, and one on the Fourth Street Road (today Fifth Avenue).[9][10][11] George H. Thurston's 1856 directory lists A. and C. Hoeveler as glue manufacturers in East Liberty.[12] Hoeveler founded the German Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh in 1862 and served as its first president until his death.[9][10][13] Clemence Hoeveler died in 1882.[9][6]

In 1968, the Urban Redevelopment Authority announced plans to build East Liberty Boulevard, following the course of Margaretta Street, Hoeveler Street, and part of Hamilton Avenue.[14] The street names were officially changed in 1969.[15]

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