Colby Street

From Pittsburgh Streets
Colby Street
Neighborhood Summer Hill
Christy Avenue (until 1923)
Portion North of Regulus Street
Origin of name F. S. Christy
Birch Street (1915–1923)
Portion South of Ames Street
Chelsea Avenue (1923–1933)
Portion North of Regulus Street

The majority of this street was originally named Christy Avenue. It was laid out through the estate of John Lighthill. It does not appear in the 1886 Hopkins atlas,[1] but it is shown, unlabeled, in the 1897 edition.[2] It is labeled "Christy Ave." on plans of lots from 1895 and 1897.[3][4] The latter plan was laid out by the surveyor F. S. Christy,[4] who was likely the source of the street name.

The southern part, from Mount Pleasant Road to just north of Ames Street, was laid out as Birch Street in 1915.[5]

Summer Hill was annexed to the City of Pittsburgh in 1922.[6] The next year, a Pittsburgh city ordinance changed Birch Street to Colby Street and Christy Avenue to Chelsea Avenue.[7]

Colby Street and Chelsea Avenue were connected by the Summer Hill Terrace plan of lots, laid out in 1928.[8] In 1933, a city ordinance made Chelsea Avenue part of Colby Street.[9]


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