Notes:Colby Street

From Pittsburgh Streets

1895-04-09: Source:David-lighthill-plan shows "Christy Ave.," northern part of modern Colby Street.

1897 Feb.: Source:Margaret-l-aikin-plan shows "Christy Ave." Surveyor was F. S. Christy.

Source:Hopkins-1897, plate 13, shows Christy Avenue (unlabeled).

1915-07: Southern part laid out as part of Source:Eastside-plan, named Birch Street.

1923-11-30: Source:Ordinance-1923-446: Birch Street renamed Colby Street, and Christy Avenue renamed Chelsea Avenue.

Source:Hopkins-1925-vol-4, plate 28, shows "Colby (Birch) St." and "Chelsea (Christy) Ave."; plates 18 and 30, "Chelsea (Christy) Ave."

Two halves connected by Source:Summer-hill-terrace-plan, laid out 1928-08.

1933-05-31: Source:Ordinance-1933-121: Chelsea Avenue made part of Colby Street.

Source:Hopkins-1939-vol-4, plates 18, 28, 30.

  • Plates 18 and 30 reference "John Lighthill Est. Partition, Docket V. 13 p. 235." (Plate 28 is missing the word "Docket.") The Allegheny County Division of Real Estate doesn't have anything for Plan Book vol. 13, p. 235 (the page numbers for volume 13 don't go that high). What does "Docket" mean?