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"An ordinance changing the names of certain avenues, streets, roads and ways in the City of Pittsburgh." Pittsburgh city ordinance, 1933, no. 121. Passed May 29, 1933; approved May 31, 1933. Ordinance Book 45, p. 241. In Municipal Record: Minutes of the proceedings of the Council of the City of Pittsburgh: For the year 1933, appendix, p. 72, City Printing Co., Pittsburgh (Internet Archive Pghmunicipalrecord1933). Reprinted in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, June 5, 1933, p. 25 ( 89887815), and June 6, p. 23 ( 89888832).

No. 121

AN ORDINANCE—Changing the names of certain avenues, streets, roads and ways in the City of Pittsburgh.

Section 1. Be it ordained and enacted by the City of Pittsburgh, in Council assembled, and it is hereby ordained and enacted by the authority of the same, That the names of certain avenues, streets, roads and ways in the City of Pittsburgh, shall be and the same are hereby changed as follows, to-wit:

Name From To Ward Changed to
Amanda Avenue Bausman Street Arlington Avenue 30th Amanda Street
Altaview Street Noblestown Road City Line 28th Warriors Road
Arion Way Pioneer Avenue Derby Way 19th Vis Way
Ark Way Shannon Way Schuck Way 18th Schuck Way
Arlington Avenue South 27th St. Foley Street 16th Josephine Street
Baldridge Street Ohio River Blvd. Pitler Street 27th Dickson Street
Baldwin Road Ridge Avenue Noblestown Rd. 28th Baldwick Road
Brashear Street South Lang Ave. Mosiac way 14th Sleeth Place
Brighton Road Pennsylvania Ave. Kirkbride Street 25th Flockar Street
Caravan Way Former Overbrook Borough Line Yale Drive 29th Englert Way
Chelsea Street North Line of East Side Plan South Line of Fleiner Plan 26th Colby Street
Claremore Street Lipton Way Line Street 29th Walton Avenue
Columbus Avenue Sedgwick Street Irwin Avenue 21st & 25th California Ave.
Dunnels Street Berry Street Middletown Road 28th Berry Street
Easton Avenue Younger Avenue Unnamed Street 20th Anise Street
Easton Avenue Unnamed Street Banksville Ave. 20th Anise Way
Esther Avenue Unnamed Way Sanderson Ave. 29th Esther Street
Euterpe Street Kenwood Avenue Property Line 26th McIntyre Place
Everett Street Prince Street Burpee Street 11th & 12th Prince Street
Evergreen Plank Road East Street Former line of Ross Township 26th Evergreen Road
Foley Street Arlington Ave. Pluso Street 16th Arlington Avenue
Glen Way Dorchester Ave. Norwich Avenue 19th Oldglen Way
Grace Avenue Oakwood Street Singer Place 13th Moosehart Street
Hanlon Street Gironde Street P. F. W. & C. Ry. 21st Beldale Street
Horning Avenue Former Overbrook Borough Line Stewart Avenue 29th Horning Street
Independence St. City Line Wabash Avenue 20th Greentree Road
Irwin Avenue Martindale St. Brighton Road 22nd & 25th Brighton Road
King Street Thompson Street Larimer Avenue 12th Hooker Street
Library Road Former Overbrook Borough Line West Liberty Ave. 18th Saw Mill Run Boulevard
Library Road Warrington Avenue West Woodruff Street 19th Saw Mill Run Boulevard
McAdams Avenue Muldowney Ave. Elwell Street 31st Cox Avenue
McBride Street Semicir Street Riverview Park 26th Brill Street
Merle Street Edmore Street Wind Gap Avenue 28th Chartiers Avenue
Murdoch Street Plainfield St. Wilkins Avenue 14th Murdoch Road
Oakridge Avenue Woodbourne Ave. Merrick Avenue 19th Oakridge Street
Oldani Street Woodbine Street Drive Way 10th Fairfield Street
Oriole Way Orchard Place Cedarhurst Street 30th Vireo Way
Osakis Street Merrick Avenue Doric Way 19th Oakridge Street
Palm Way Kilmer Street Eymard Street 13th Palmleaf Way
Park Avenue Frankstown Ave. Race Street 13th North Braddock Avenue
Pike Street Eleventh Street Twenty-first St. 2nd Smallman Street
Rantz Way Beltzhoover Ave. Knox Avenue 30th Rentz Way
Reva Way Ramona Street Navajo Way 20th Cameron Way
Ridge Avenue Baldwin Road City Line 28th Crafton Blvd.
Rigdon Street Dagmar Avenue Fallowfield Ave. 19th Crosby Avenue
Rivet Way Norwood Street Perrysville Ave. 26th Legion Way
Rose Way Limore Way Viaduct Way 19th Tearose Way
Sedgwick Street California Ave. Columbus Ave. 21st California Avenue
St. Lukes Square Lafayette Ave. Perrysville Ave. 26th Federal Street
Terrace Street Luella Street Property Line 26th Heim Street
Transport Street First angle north of Library Road Library Road 32nd Forum Street
Walnut Street Former Overbrook Borough Line Fawn Street 29th Magaw Street
Warfel Street Edmore Street Wind Gap Avenue 28th Belhurst Avenue
Washburn Street Glasgow Street Property Line 20th Washville Street
Warrington Avenue West Goff Street Saw Mill Run Boulevard 18th Reflectorville Rd.
Warrington Avenue West West Liberty Ave. Library Road 18th & 19th Saw Mill Run Boulevard
Whited Street Oakridge Avenue Brookline Blvd. 19th Merrick Avenue
Winnebago Street South Ninth St. South Tenth St. 17th Mt. Washington Roadway
Witt Way Motor Street Glen Mawr Ave. 20th Buoy Way

Section 2. That any Ordinance or part of Ordinance, conflicting with the provisions of this Ordinance, be and the same is hereby repealed, so far as the same affects this Ordinance.

Passed May 29, 1933.

Approved May 31, 1933.

Ordinance Book 45, Page 241.