Beltzhoover Avenue

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Beltzhoover Avenue
Neighborhoods Allentown, Beltzhoover, Knoxville, Mount Washington
Origin of name Beltzhoover family
Allen's Lane (mid-1800s)
Origin of name Joseph Allen

Beltzhoover Avenue is named for the Beltzhoover family.

On June 25, 1794, Melchor Beltzhoover purchased 248½ acres of land from John Ormsby (see Ormsby Street) for the sum of 745 pounds, 10 shillings, and afterward added to his land holdings.[1] A portion of this land passed to his son Jacob Beltzhoover and then to Jacob's daughter Harriet Beltzhoover Murray, from whom Benjamin McLain and Thomas Maple purchased it in 1875 as the first property acquired for their Beltzhoover and Allentown developments.[1]

A road in the location of modern Beltzhoover Avenue north of Warrington Avenue appears in the 1862 map of S. N. and F. W. Beers.[2] C. A. Weslager says that this road was originally named Allen's Lane for Joseph Allen, whose homestead was there and for whom Allentown is named.[1] The borough of Allentown was incorporated in 1869[3][1] with Beltzhoover Avenue as its western boundary.[4] Allentown was annexed to the city of Pittsburgh in 1874.[3][1] The borough of Beltzhoover was incorporated in 1875,[5][6][3][1] named for the Beltzhoover family, early settlers in the area.[5][3][7][1] Beltzhoover was annexed to Pittsburgh in 1898.[3][1]

In 1930, a group of residents complained that the name Beltzhoover was too long, unpleasant to pronounce, and hard to spell (especially the Z), and proposed that it be renamed Victory Avenue, Tulane Avenue, or any other "short and euphonious" name. However, many other residents objected, and no change was made.[8][9][10][11][12]


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