From Pittsburgh Streets

"Beltzhoover groups heard: Row over proposal to change name is aired in council." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Mar. 20, 1930, p. 3. 88824288.

Row Over Proposal To Change Name Is Aired in Council.

Advocates and opponents of the proposal to change the name of Beltzhoover avenue to "Tulane avenue," as provided in a pending ordinance, thronged council chamber yesterday afternoon. More than a score spoke, most of them against the change. On behalf of the opponents George Bright presented a petition bearing 133 names.

Council took no action, but Chairman Robert J. Allderdice said the matter would be taken up later.

Hot denials came from the opposition when the proponents re-iterated previous arguments that the present name was "cumbersome, hard to spell and not euphonious and further that 'Z' was a hard letter for many to make legible." One man declared he has 10 children none of whom has any difficulty with the name.

Bright told council that his petition was made up of property owners or voters. During the course of the discussion a letter was read from the planning commission which can see no good reason for the change. The change, it was pointed out, would necessitate the changing of maps and records, call for new street signs and perhaps cause confusion in searching of legal records.

Speaking for an Eighteenth ward trade organization, Alexander Gibson said that the group opposed any change. Opponents said that the present name was the same as that of the former burough [sic] and that it perpetuated the name of a former prominent citizen.

The declaration of those favoring the change that the name "Beltzhoover" was fully perpetuated in the name of the local school and the district did not seem enough. The opponents charge that the movement to change the name had originated with one or two persons and at most represented a small group.