Adelphia Street

From Pittsburgh Streets
Adelphia Street
Neighborhood Stanton Heights
Second Street (until ca. 1880)
Origin of name Sequential numbering in plan of lots

The portion of Adelphia Street between about Hawthorne Court and Edisto Street was originally named Second Street. The other two numbered streets in this small subdivision were First Street to the north (which later became part of Livingston Street, forming an L shape, but which no longer exists) and Third Street to the south (today Trinity Street).[1] These numbered streets were renamed by 1881.[2]

The portion of Adelphia Street east of Edisto Street was called Adelphia Street from the beginning. An 1895 ordinance approving streets lists "Adelphia street, (part formerly Second Street), from property line to Morningside avenue, at widths of thirty (30) and fifty (50) feet."[3]

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