Pressley Street

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Pressley Street
Neighborhood East Allegheny
Washington Street (until 1902)
Origin of name George Washington
Washington Place (1902–1910)
Origin of name George Washington
Park Way (1910–1915)

This street was originally named Washington Street. It appears in the 1830 map of Jean Barbeau and Lewis Keyon[1] and was accepted as a street by the Borough of Allegheny in 1831.[2]

The name was changed to Washington Place by an Allegheny city ordinance in 1902.[3]

In 1910, three years after Allegheny was annexed by the City of Pittsburgh, over 900 streets were renamed to fix duplicates. The name of this street conflicted with Washington Place downtown, so it was made part of Park Way,[4] which continued in approximately the same line on the west side of East Park (today the eastern part of Allegheny Commons Park). Park Way does not exist today.

The part of Park Way east of Cedar Avenue was renamed Pressley Street in 1915.[5]

Bob Regan includes "Pressley" in a list of streets named for noted historical people, but unfortunately he gives no further details.[6]:63 It is not clear who Regan had in mind—there are no obvious candidates. It is certainly not named for Elvis Presley (1935–1977). It is possible that the street takes the first name of Colonel Presley Neville (1755–1818), whose name was commonly spelled Pressley. He served from 1804 to 1805 as the Chief Burgess of the Borough of Pittsburgh (the equivalent of mayor before the 1816 city charter).[6]:72 See Neville Street for more about the Nevilles.

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