Pioneer Avenue

From Pittsburgh Streets
Pioneer Avenue
Neighborhood Brookline
Coal Hill and Upper St. Clair Turnpike
Lang Avenue (ca. 1905)
Origin of name Adam Lang, Sr.

This road was established in 1797 as a state road from Pittsburgh to Washington, Pennsylvania.[1] It appears in maps of Allegheny County from 1851 and 1862.[2][3] It was known as "the upper road from Boggs Mill" and the Coal Hill and Upper St. Clair Turnpike.[1]

It is labeled Lang Avenue in the 1905 Hopkins atlas.[4] This name probably came from Adam Lang, Sr., who owned land near the northern end of the road;[5] by 1905 it had been divided among Adam, Kathrine, and William Lang.[4]

The name Pioneer Avenue was in use by 1907.[6][7] It was officially established by a Pittsburgh city ordinance in 1909.[8]

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