Natchez Street

From Pittsburgh Streets
Natchez Street
Neighborhood Mount Washington
Origin of name Natchez, Mississippi
Neville Street (until 1881)
Origin of name Neville family

This street was originally named Neville Street.[1][2] It was named for the Neville family, of whom General John Neville, Presley Neville, and Neville B. Craig were notable members.[1] For more about the Neville family, see Neville Street.

Because of the duplication with Neville Street in the East End, the street was renamed Natchez Street in 1881.[2] The name comes from Natchez, Mississippi,[3][4] an important port on the Mississippi River, well known to Pittsburgh steamboatmen.[3] It was a major center of the slave trade before the Civil War. It was surrendered without a fight to the Union Army in 1862; the street name may have been a commemoration of this bloodless victory.[4] The name of the city comes from that of the Natchez people.[5][3]

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