Esplanade Street

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Esplanade Street
Neighborhood Central Northside
Fate Vacated in 1966

Esplanade Street ran for one block from East North Avenue to Hemlock Street, just west of James Street, on the site of the present Allegheny General Hospital. It was laid out in 1838 for George S. Johnston[1] and appears in the 1852 map of R. E. McGowin.[2] It was vacated in 1966.[3]

Several sources, beginning with Margaret Carlin in 1966, include it in lists of North Side streets named in commemoration of the Mexican–American War,[4][5][6][7] but this is an error. The street was laid out and named eight years before the beginning of that war. The origin of this association is unclear: there was no location or event in the Mexican–American War named "Esplanade," and Esplanade Street was some distance away from the Mexican War Streets district.


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