Eden Way

From Pittsburgh Streets
Eden Way
Neighborhood Central Lawrenceville
Locust Alley (until 1881)
Portion Between 40th Street and 43rd Street
Spruce Alley (until 1881)
Portion Between 43rd Street and 47th Street
Eden Alley (1881–1914)

The part of this alley between 40th Street and 43rd Street was originally named Locust Alley. It appears in the 1830 map of Jean Barbeau and Lewis Keyon.[1]

The part between 43rd Street and 47th Street was originally named Spruce Alley.

Locust and Spruce Alleys were together renamed Eden Alley in 1881.[2] It became Eden Way in 1914 when an ordinance changed all alleys in the city to ways.[3]

Bob Regan includes "Eden" in his "Streets of Pittsburgh" crossword puzzle, clued as "The beautiful garden where Adam and Eve were placed at the Creation."[4] Unfortunately this is just a dictionary definition of the name Eden and gives no information about the origin of the alley name.

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