Brookline Boulevard

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Brookline Boulevard
Neighborhood Brookline
Origin of name Neighborhood of Brookline, named for Brookline, Massachusetts
Knowlson Avenue (until 1905)
Origin of name Knowlson family

An unlabeled road in the location of the western part of modern Brookline Boulevard appears in maps of Allegheny County from 1851 and 1862.[1][2] In the 1905 Hopkins atlas, it is labeled Knowlson Avenue.[3] The Knowlson family was long established along this road; their land and houses appear in maps from 1851 into the 20th century.[1][2][4][5][6][7][3]

Brookline Boulevard appears in the 1905 Brookline plan, laid out by the West Liberty Improvement Company.[8]

The neighborhood of Brookline was named for Brookline, Massachusetts, a Boston suburb. A 1905 advertisement offering lots for sale proclaimed:[9]

Just 15 minutes by the watch from the Pittsburg Postoffice, with a suburb that deserves its name, because its beauty will match up with the beauty of the Brookline of Boston, its namesake, after which it was patterned.

The South Pittsburgh Development Corporation claims that many of the early settlers here after the Revolutionary War came from the area near the Massachusetts town, and they gave the name to the region because, with its abundance of small streams, it reminded them of their former home.[10] But most other sources say that Brookline was named by the developer who laid out the lots.[11][12][13][14] This is supported by the lack of references to "Brookline" before 1905. Several sources attribute the name specifically to A. P. Haaz of the Freehold Real Estate Company,[12][13][14] an agent for the West Liberty Improvement Company.[9]


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