Boundary Street

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Boundary Street
Neighborhoods Central Oakland, Greenfield, North Oakland, South Oakland, Squirrel Hill North
Origin of name Boundary between Pitt Township and Oakland
See also 33rd Street, which was originally called Boundary Street.

Boundary Street is so named because it was formerly the boundary between Pitt Township and Oakland.[1] Today it runs along or very near the official boundary between Oakland and Squirrel Hill.[2]

Today Boundary Street has two disconnected segments: one that leads down into Junction Hollow from Neville Street, and a short piece farther south in Four Mile Run. These used to be part of the same continuous street.[3] The middle section was closed in the 1970s.[4] By 1996 the land between these two halves of the street had been covered by gravel and dirt fill, with uncertain plans for the future.[5] The Junction Hollow Trail, connecting the two segments, was built in 1999;[6] the soccer field there was opened in 2001.[7]


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