Becks Run Road

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Becks Run Road
Neighborhoods Arlington, Carrick, South Side Flats, St. Clair
Origin of name Becks Run, the stream along which it runs
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Becks Run is labeled in the 1850 map of Allegheny County by E. H. Heastings.[1] A road alongside the stream appears in the 1862 map by S. N. and F. W. Beers.[2]

The road is unlabeled in early maps. The 1896 and 1905 Hopkins atlases label it simply "township road."[3][4] The South View Place plan of lots, laid out in 1890, named the short section of the road at the eastern edge of the plan Beck Avenue.[5]

The name Becks Run Road was officially established in Pittsburgh by a city ordinance in 1923,[6] the year St. Clair Borough was annexed by the city,[7] though the ordinance indicates that this was the name that had been previously used in the borough.

Some sources say that Becks Run is named for a German family named Beck who settled here in the 1850s.[8][9] This is likely too late, however, since the name was already in use in the year 1850.[1]

Many streams in the Pittsburgh region are called "runs." This sense of the word has a long history in English. The early European settlers of western Pennsylvania used the word for a creek or stream, and this became the established term.[10]


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