Beatty Street

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Beatty Street
Neighborhoods East Liberty, Highland Park
Origin of name Dr. Richard C. Beatty
Eleanor Street (until ca. 1870)

This street was originally named Eleanor Street.[1] The 1872 Hopkins atlas shows it as Eleanor Street in its map of East Liberty[2]:70 but as Betty Street, probably an error for Beatty, in its map of the Nineteenth Ward.[2]:61 The 1882 Hopkins atlas labels it Beatty Street.[3]

George T. Fleming wrote that Beatty Street is named for Rev. Charles Beatty, the chaplain who accompanied the 1758 expedition of General John Forbes (eponym of Forbes Avenue) that captured the Point from the French.[4] However, it is more likely that it is named for Dr. Richard C. Beatty, who had a house and land between Euclid Street and Highland Avenue on both sides of Stanton Avenue in the 1860s and 1870s.[1][2][5] Beatty Street passes directly through the center of this tract.


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