Wysox Street

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Wysox Street
Neighborhood Carrick
Willis Avenue (until 1927)

Wysox Street was originally named Willis Avenue.[1] The borough of Carrick was annexed into the city of Pittsburgh in 1927,[2][3][4][5][6] and shortly afterward the name of the street was changed to Wysox Street because of the duplication with Willis Street in Fairywood.[7][8][9][10] Wysox Street was officially opened by a Pittsburgh city ordinance in 1929.[11]

Despite a humorous suggestion in a 1988 Post-Gazette column by Tom Hritz, who paired Wysox Street with Chicago Street in Northview Heights,[12] Wysox Street is not named for the White Sox. It is probably named for Wysox Township or Wysox Creek, both in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. The name is a variant of earlier forms such as Wysaukin, with origins in the Lenape (Delaware) language, but the derivation is unclear.[13]


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