Ottawa Street

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Ottawa Street
Neighborhood Mount Washington
Origin of name Probably the Odawa people
Owen Avenue (until 1881)

This street was originally named Owen Avenue.[1] The name Ottawa Street was established by a city ordinance in 1881.[2]

George T. Fleming says that Ottawa Street is named for a nation or tribe,[3][4] meaning the Odawa people of Michigan and Ontario; Ottawa is a variant spelling. In their language the name is pronounced ota:wa: and may come from the word adawe, meaning "to trade"; the similar word adaawe means "to buy."[5] Annie Clark Miller includes "Ottawa" in a list of "street names of Indian derivation."[6]

On the other hand, Bob Regan includes "Ottawa" in a list of streets named for cities.[7] The name of the capital city of Canada comes from the Ottawa River on which it lies, which in turn is derived from the Odawa people.[8]

It is more likely that the street is named for the Odawa people directly rather than via the Canadian river and city. Perhaps the most famous Odawa in Pittsburgh's history was Pontiac, known for his role in Pontiac's War (1763–1766), which included the siege of Fort Pitt in June and July 1763 (though Pontiac himself was not involved in this siege).


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