Notes:Western Avenue

From Pittsburgh Streets

1788-12-12: Lane no. 5 (modern Western Avenue) named Water Lane. Source:Old-state-body

Source:Fleming-old-allegheny: "The original street names on the North Side had a rural significance. Western avenue we have noted as Water lane."

1852: Source:Mcgowin-1852 has "Water Lane."

1858-09-11: Two newspaper articles mention Western Avenue: Source:Runaway and Source:Accident.

1862: Source:Beers has "Water St."

1867: Source:Iron-city-map has "Western Av."; Source:Woods-1867 has "Western Avenue."

1871-04-27: Source:Ordinance-1871-allegheny-duplicated changed Western Avenue to West Ohio Street (and also modern Preble Avenue, formerly Market Street and Preble Street, to Western Avenue).

1871-05-25: "An ordinance authorizing the opening of Western avenue, 9th ward, from present terminus to Spruce street." 86352956


  • Source:Allegheny-councils-1871-11-10-gazette: "Select Council. . . . Mr. J. C. Patterson presented the report of the Street Committee. ¶ They reported adversely to changing the name of West Ohio street back to Western avenue, as it was formerly known; also adversely to petition of Charles Zehnder for damages for construction of sewer through his property. . . . Mr. Riddle presented an ordinance to repeal the ordinance, by which the name of Western avenue was changed to West Ohio street. The new ordinance authorized the original nomenclature. Lost."
  • Source:Allegheny-councils-1871-11-10-commercial: "Select Branch. . . . an ordinance repealing the ordinance changing the name of Western avenue to West Ohio street, lost; . . . Mr. J. C. Patterson, from the Street Committee, presented the following report: ¶ The Committee reported adversely to granting the petition of property holders on West Ohio street, asking that the ordinance, changing the name of that street from its former one—Western avenue to West Ohio street, be repealed, and allow it to retain the name of Western avenue."

1871-12-30: Source:Allegheny-councils-1871-12-30: "Select Council. . . . During the year, the [Street] committee spent considerable time in changing the names of streets which had been duplicated, and considerable dissatisfaction has been manifested by those residing on the respective streets. . . . Mr. Riddle presented an ordinance repealing the ordinance changing the name of Western avenue to West Ohio street. Passed finally. C. C. non-concurred."

1872-02-09: Source:Allegheny-councils-1872-02-09: "SELECT COUNCIL. . . . Mr. Riddle offered an ordinance restoring the name of Western avenue. Considerable discussion ensued, when the President found an ordinance of the same character lying on his desk, which had been offered in the Common Branch, and had the indorsement 'Adopted.' Select Council then concurred in this action, and thus the name of 'West Ohio street' was changed to Western avenue. . . . COMMON COUNCIL. . . . Remonstrance against the change of the name of Western avenue; Street Committee. . . . Mr. Hastings, an ordinance repealing the ordinance changing the name of Western avenue to West Ohio street. Passed finally. Select Council concurred."

1872-04-12: Source:Allegheny-councils-1872-04-12: "SELECT COUNCIL. . . . Ordinance changing the names of Lake alley to Lake street and Western avenue, Ninth ward, to Preble avenue; passed finally. [Common Council in March, 85458956, 87693131] . . . Business from Common Council was taken up, and concurrences had in all matters not otherwise noted. Among the ordinances was one for changing the name of West and East Ohio street to Ohio street. ¶ Mr. J. C. Patterson, Chairman of the Street Committee, stated that there was now no West Ohio street, as it had been added to Western avenue, making the avenue commence at Federal street and extend westward. ¶ After some discussion over this 'mixing up' of streets, on motion Western avenue was defined to commence at Sherman avenue and extend westward; and Ohio street commence at Sherman avenue and extend eastward. The ordinance was then adopted with this change."

1872-05-10: Source:Allegheny-councils-1872-05-10: "COMMON COUNCIL. . . . Ordinance changing name of West Ohio street. Adopted in C. C., and in S. C. concurred in change of name of street, and fixing the name of said street from Sherman avenue to extend east to city line. C. C. receded from former action and concurred."