Noblestown Road

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Noblestown Road
Neighborhoods Crafton Heights, East Carnegie, Elliott, Oakwood, West End, Westwood
Origin of name Noblestown, Pennsylvania

Noblestown Road is so named because it leads to the community of Noblestown on Robinson Run, which was once an important destination.[1]

Noblestown is believed to be the oldest town in that part of Allegheny County.[2][3] It was founded by Colonel Henry Noble at an uncertain date.[2][3] Noble probably arrived there before 1773,[2] and he was selling lots in "Noblesburgh" in September 1796.[3]

Noblestown, and this road, appear on maps of Allegheny County from the 1850s and 1860s.[4][5][6] R. E. McGowin's 1852 map of Pittsburgh shows the eastern end of the Noblestown Plank Road leading to the community of Temperanceville (today the neighborhood of West End).[7]

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