Mary Jane Street

From Pittsburgh Streets
Mary Jane Street
Neighborhood South Side Slopes
Origin of name Runs from Mary Street to Jane Street

Mary Jane Street runs from Mary Street to Jane Street, hence the name. It was opened as a city street in 1952.[1]


  1. "An ordinance accepting the dedication of certain property in the Sixteenth Ward of the City of Pittsburgh for the opening of Mary Jane Street from Jane Street to Mary Street, opening and naming the same, fixing the width and position of the roadway and sidewalks thereof with provisions for slopes, landscaping, retaining walls and steps, and establishing the grade thereof." Pittsburgh city ordinance, 1952, no. 251. Passed June 30, 1952; approved July 7, 1952. Ordinance Book 58, p. 176. Reported in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 10, 1952, p. 18 ( 88656076). [view source]ordinance-1952-251