Linoleum Way

From Pittsburgh Streets
Linoleum Way
Neighborhood Polish Hill
Locust Alley (1870–1881)
Origin of name Locust tree
Linoleum Alley (1881–1914)

This alley was laid out as Locust Alley in 1870.[1][2] The plan also included Olive Alley and Chestnut Alley,[1] which suggests that Locust Alley was named for the locust tree, perhaps the black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) or the honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos), both of which are native to western Pennsylvania.[3][4]

Locust Alley was renamed Linoleum Alley in 1881 to avoid confusion with Locust Street on the Bluff.[5] The alley has no apparent connection to linoleum; the name was probably just an arbitrary word that preserved the first letter of Locust.

The alley became Linoleum Way in 1914 when a city ordinance changed all alleys to ways.[6]

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