Highland Drive

From Pittsburgh Streets
Not to be confused with Highland Avenue.
Highland Drive
Neighborhood Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar
Leech Farm Road (until 1974 or 1975)
Origin of name Farm of John Leech

This road was originally called Leech Farm Road because it led up to and through the farm of John Leech.[1] The Leech farm was given to the City of Pittsburgh by the Pennsylvania Railroad in the early 20th century in exchange for the rights needed to construct the Brilliant Branch.[2]

In 1909, a proposal was made to build a tuberculosis hospital on the Leech farm.[3] This hospital was opened in 1915.[4][5][6]

The Veterans Administration opened a neuropsychiatric hospital at Leech Farm in 1953, next to the city's tuberculosis hospital.[7][8][9]

Leech Farm Road was renamed Highland Drive in 1974 or 1975, around the same time that the VA hospital was renamed "Veterans Hospital, Highland Drive."[10][11] The name change was prompted because "Leech Farm" had gained the connotation of "funny farm."[12]


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