Doll Way

From Pittsburgh Streets
Doll Way
Neighborhood California-Kirkbride
Origin of name Modification of earlier name Dill
Dill Alley (until 1910)
Origin of name W. F. Dill
Doll Alley (1910–1914)
Origin of name Modification of Dill

This alley was originally Dill Street[1] or Dill Alley,[2] named for W. F. Dill, who once owned the land through which it passed[3] and who laid out the surrounding plan of lots in 1874.[4] The Hopkins atlases of 1907 and 1910 labeled it Dill Street,[1][5] but this may have been caused by confusion with a nearby but distinct Dill Street, which is now the northernmost piece of Sedgwick Street, between Kunkle Avenue and Sunday Way.[1][5]

In 1910, over 900 streets were renamed to fix duplicates. There was already a Dill Alley on Mount Washington (today Dill Way), so Dill Alley was renamed to Doll Alley, and Dill Street was made part of Sedgwick Street.[2] Doll Alley became Doll Way in 1914 when a city ordinance changed all alleys to ways.[6]


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