Kunkle Avenue

From Pittsburgh Streets
Kunkle Avenue
Neighborhood California-Kirkbride
Origin of name A. Kunkle
California Avenue (until 1932)
Origin of name State of California

Kunkle Avenue, between California Avenue and Sedgwick Street, was originally part of California Avenue. It was renamed Kunkle Avenue by a city ordinance in 1932, matching the name of Kunkle Way directly across Sedgwick Street.[1]

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  1. "An ordinance changing the name of California avenue, as shown on the Dr. W. Dills Plan of Lots and as at present improved, from Sedgwick street to the first angle west of Sedgwick street, to 'Kunkle avenue' and re-establishing the grade thereof, from Doll way to the first angle west of Sedgwick street." Pittsburgh city ordinance, 1932, no. 229. Passed July 11, 1932; approved July 18, 1932. Ordinance Book 44, p. 657. Reprinted in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 23, 1932, p. 20 (Newspapers.com 91104861). [view source]ordinance-1932-229