Boggs Avenue

From Pittsburgh Streets
Boggs Avenue
Neighborhood Mount Washington
Origin of name Boggs family
Grand Avenue (until 1881)
William Street (1881–1882)

A road in the location of modern Boggs Avenue appears in maps of Allegheny County from the 1850s and 1860s.[1][2][3] The 1851 map by Sidney & Neff and S. McRea shows a house labeled "M. Beggs" about the middle of the road;[2] this may be an error for Boggs. The 1862 map by S. N. and F. W. Beers shows the house of W. Boggs near the southern end of the road.[3] The 1872 Hopkins atlas shows that much of the land around the southern half of the road was owned by a Boggs, probably S. S. Boggs, who owned a house about the middle of the road.[4]

The road was originally named Grand Avenue.[5][6] It was renamed William Street by a Pittsburgh city ordinance in 1881[5] and changed again to Boggs Avenue by another ordinance the next year.[7]


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