Blackadore Street

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Blackadore Street
Neighborhood Homewood North
Origin of name Blackadore family

Blackadore Street is named for the Blackadore family, early settlers here.

A road in the location of modern Blackadore Street appears in an 1851 map of Allegheny County, running past the house of J. Blackadore.[1] An 1862 map labels the house L. Blackadore, and, in parentheses, "Maple Valley."[2] In the last quarter of the nineteenth century, the house and surrounding land were owned by Isaac Blackadore.[3][4][5]

In a subdivision plan prepared for Andrew Mellon's Bank of Commerce in 1888, this road is labeled Blackadore Road.[6] The 1895 Hopkins atlas calls it Blackadore Avenue.[5]

Two maps from 1895 call the part of the road within Pittsburgh city limits Blackadore Street,[7][8] and this was the name that was officially established by city ordinances in 1906 and 1910.[9][10] Current Pittsburgh street signs say Blackadore Street.


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