Alcock Way

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Alcock Way
Neighborhood Stanton Heights

The dedication of Alcock Way was accepted as part of the "Plan of City Garden" by a city ordinance in 1919. The subdivision was laid out by the Pittsburgh City Garden Company.[1]


  1. "An ordinance approving plans of City Garden, in the Tenth ward, laid out by the Pittsburgh City Garden Company, a Pennsylvania Corporation, accepting the dedication of Antoinette street, Alcock way, Camelia street, Downlook avenue, Drive street, Drive way, Fence way, Garage way, Oglethorpe avenue, Oldani street, Premier street and Woodbine street, as shown thereon, for public use for highway purposes, opening and naming the same and establishing the grades thereon." Pittsburgh city ordinance, 1919, no. 410. Passed Dec. 15, 1919; approved Dec. 18, 1919. Ordinance Book 30, p. 641. In Municipal Record: Minutes of the proceedings of the Council of the City of Pittsburgh for the year 1919, pp. 299–300, Eureka Printing Company, Pittsburgh (Internet Archive Pghmunicipalrecord1919). Reprinted in the Pittsburgh Post, Dec. 26, 1919, p. 10 ( 87200686), and Dec. 27, p. 13 ( 86503337). [view source]ordinance-1919-410