Uptegraff Street

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Uptegraff Street
Neighborhood Swisshelm Park

The name Uptegraff, with several spelling variations, has a long history in Pittsburgh. James M. Riddle's directory of 1815 lists "Updegraff[,] Abner, cutler and edge-tool maker, s w corner of 5th and Smithfield."[1] One notable bearer of the name was Walter D. Uptegraff (1865–1929), personal secretary and trusted agent of George Westinghouse, later an executive of many Westinghouse businesses.[2][3]

The street first appears as Uptegraff Street, with two F's, in the 1903 Polk city directory.[4] The spelling in that directory changed to Uptegraft, with a final T, in 1905.[5] Whether intentionally or by misprint, the name was officially established as Uptegraf, with a single F, by a city ordinance in 1910 that gave names for all streets in the city.[6] The Polk directory amended its spelling to Uptegraf in 1913.[7] Current street signs, however, say Uptegraff, with two F's.


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