Termon Avenue

From Pittsburgh Streets
Termon Avenue
Neighborhood Brighton Heights
Wylie Avenue (until 1893)
Lincoln Avenue (until 1893)
Origin of name Abraham Lincoln
Locust Street (until 1896)
Lacrosse Street (until 1934)

This street appears in the 1876 Hopkins atlas as Wylie Avenue east of a bend in the road, which today is the intersection with California Avenue, and Lincoln Avenue west of that bend.[1] These two avenues were together renamed Termon Avenue in 1893.[2]

The 1876 Hopkins map shows that Lincoln Avenue ran west to Walker Avenue (today Wealth Street); past Walker Avenue was a short curved street named Locust Street that led to the bank of the Ohio River at Jacks Run.[1] This street was still labeled Locust Street in the 1890 edition,[3] but an Allegheny city ordinance in 1896, making it part of Termon Avenue, called it Lincoln Avenue.[4] In 1910, three years after Allegheny was annexed to the city of Pittsburgh, an ordinance established its name as Lacrosse Street.[5] It was again made part of Termon Avenue in 1934.[6] This part of the street does not exist today.

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