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The {{map}} template is used to make a citation for a map or atlas. Sources that use the {{map}} template are added to Category:Map sources.

Full syntax

Template with all parameters Parameter Description
first1 First author's first name. For a map or atlas with only one author, first can be used as a synonym.
last1 First author's last name, or the whole name of the first author when that author has a single name (such as an organization). For a map or atlas with only one author, last can be used as a synonym.
first2 Second author's name.
title Map or atlas title. This should be in title case.
subtitle1 First subtitle. This should be in sentence case. For a map or atlas with only one subtitle, subtitle can be used as a synonym.
subtitle2 Additional subtitles.
description Description of the map, in lieu of (or in addition to) the title.
edition The edition of the map or atlas. This will be put before "ed.", so it should be an ordinal number (e.g., `3rd`) or an adjective phrase (e.g., `millennium`).
volume The volume number of a multi-volume work. See {{volume}} for details.
publisher The name of the publisher.
city The city where the map or atlas was published.
year The year of publication.
in A citation for a source containing the map, ideally with a page number or range. For example, durant@'plate IV'. Multiple citations can be specified, separated by spaces.
isbn One or more ISBNs, separated by spaces. Prefer ISBN-13s if available.
year-note A note to follow the year (e.g., revised 1928).
histpgh One or more Historic Pittsburgh IDs for the map or atlas, separated by spaces.
lccn One or more LCCNs (Library of Congress Control Numbers) for the map or atlas, separated by spaces.
url One or more URLs where the map or atlas can be viewed online, separated by spaces.
esri-layer The name of a layer of the ESRI "Pittsburgh Historic Maps" viewer at https://esriurl.com/pittsburgh that shows this map.
esri-layer-included Set this to true if the specified ESRI layer includes additional maps too.
note A note to be appended to the end of the citation.
page-descriptor A descriptor of the numbered "pages", e.g., plate for an atlas that has numbered plates instead of pages.
page-descriptor-plural The plural version of page-descriptor, e.g., plates.
page A specific page or page range being cited. Normally this should not be provided for the source itself (i.e., in the "Source" namespace), but rather passed as an argument when the source is cited on a page. When providing a value for page, if the cited pages are not actually numbered, surround the value with square brackets: [...]. (See {{page}}.)
is-subref Set this parameter to true when citing this map or atlas inside the definition of another source in the "Source" namespace. This changes some punctuation and suppresses the categorization of the source in Category:Map sources.
source-name The page name of this source (in the "Source" namespace). This is used to provide a link to the source page.

Usage examples

 |title=Atlas of the City of Pittsburgh
 |publisher=G.{{thin}}M. Hopkins & Co.

Atlas of the City of Pittsburgh, vol. 3. G. M. Hopkins & Co., Philadelphia, 1890. http://historicpittsburgh.org/maps-hopkins/1890-volume-3-atlas-pittsburgh; included in the 1890 layer at Pittsburgh Historic Maps (https://esriurl.com/pittsburgh). [view source]hopkins-1890-vol-3